COASTWISE AND OFFSHORE CRUISING WRINKLES was originally published in 1972 and has been out of print since 1983.  Since that time I had received numerous requests for this book; therefore, I decided to reprint it myself in 1996.  It contains all the text that was in the original book plus chapter-by-chapter comments in italics, updating my thoughts regarding each subject.  In this way, the reader can judge for himself the validity of the original statements that I made.  In addition to this, several chapters from CRUISING AS A WAY OF LIFE were incorporated as well as several other chapters on new subjects.  Unlike the original, this book contains many photographs of vessels I have designed.

The following was a review published in SAILING:  “Naval architect Thomas E. Colvin has revised his popular COASTWISE & OFFSHORE CRUISING WRINKLES  (T. Colvin, 114 pages), adding new comments and insights to his already large collection of topics.  Colvin addresses the how-tos of virtually every issue in cruising, and discussed his own opinions regarding conventional wisdom.”

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