Shoal draft, centerboard freight schooners:

The smallest of this family is 50 and the largest is 77. At 60, with the centerboard up, in light conditions, these vessels draw 33 of water. They are narrow, being around 13 6 of beam.  Some are three-masted, but most are two-masted. These are very, very swift sailers and excellent sea boats. They are used mostly for package freight; however, one was designed for lumber carrying as the owner had a portable bandsaw mill aboard that he could set up on shore. In the 60 and above size, headroom is easily obtained.  With this shoal draft, they do inherit a very large centerboard, always made of wood, which dictates the interior arrangements that can be possible. These vessels are usually built of steel construction; however, the one shown in the photo (LUCAYA) is aluminum. The 58' and 60' designs are stock plans.