The fishing schooner hull family:

CHIEF APTAKISTIC (52') shown above.

The smallest of this family is the SEA HERMIT at 36. One of the last ones built has been successfully cruising in the South Pacific for many years. During this time, she has seen a great deal of heavy weather, and the owner stated that she is a joy to be aboard at all times. This type of hull is related in shape to that of the traditional Gloucester fishing schooners of the late 19th century. The largest of these is 115 on deck. The larger sizes have been built in both wood and steel. Sometimes it is possible to use the ketch rig instead of the traditional gaff schooner rig.

Pictured is MEROJA, which is 23.75 meters on deck. Originally designed as a staysail schooner, her owner changed his mind, and a slight change in the underbody profile made her suitable as a ketch. She was built of wood in Phuket, Thailand with double sawn frames and double planking. She is very swift under sail, being easily handled. This vessel has hollow wooden spars over 100 in length.

                                                                                                                                                         The plating model is of a 28.35 meter on deck (1016) gaff schooner, which is being owner/built in steel in Barbados. She displaces 96 tons in ballast. 








This family is not normally used for yachting purposes, mainly due to draft and the fact that they enjoy their original gaff rig.