Q. From the pictures I see in the magazines, the interior construction appears to be beyond my capabilities. Is it possible to hire someone who specializes in this type of work? 

A. It is possible to hire these craftsmen. The questions that I have--is your home of the same finish as what you see and, if not, do you really want it? If the answer is “no,” you are probably capable of constructing a very satisfying interior with a little extra time and patience. Going from one’s home to the boat should not be a visual shock of elegance but one of comfort. I have found much comfort from going to the more simplistic surroundings of my boat that offers tranquility.  Pictures indicate the quality of work that can be done in the average home workshop by a competent woodworker who is willing to invest a little extra time and effort.

Doors shown in 45' ALSANAL.  Basketwoven doors were standard with Colvin Shipbuilding Company.







Captain's cabin on 24.84 meter wooden ketch, MEROJA.









Double stateroom for charter guests aboard MEROJA.










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