Anyone undertaking ocean voyaging must be a well-rounded seaman who is capable of total independence from outside sources; therefore, I believe he must be able to make his own sails.  I have always encouraged owners of my designs to make their own sails. SAILMAKING started out covering all aspects of making Chinese sails because professional sailmakers quite often did not understand the essentials of sailmaking that are required for a Chinese sail, such as hand-roping.  Their feeling was “If it cannot be done on the computer, it cannot be made”.  The Chinese, as well as our forefathers, made sails applying very simple common sense rules.  After the following review appeared, I added diagrams for those who are making just Western sails.

The following was a review in the METAL BOAT QUARTERLY:  “Recently, SAILMAKING, a new book by Tom Colvin has appeared.  This 100 page spiral-bound book is almost entirely devoted to “Making Chinese and Other Sails,” & “Sailing Chinese Junks and Junk Rigged Vessels.”  Tom takes you step by step through design, layout, cutting, sewing, reinforcing, and battening the junk sail.  Chapters are devoted to Standing Rigging and Spars, Chinese Hulls, Western Hulls, and Running Rigging.  Finally, after you think you’ve got it all, there is a chapter on sailing one of these rigs. At the end of  SAILMAKING is a four-language cross-reference of sail and rigging terms in English, French, Spanish, and German."



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