Then we have the shoal draft/centerboard family.  

ALTHEA is a 40 gaff-rigged centerboard ketch with a raised deck. She was designed for wooden construction, round bottom, with steam bent or sawn frames. She is a very powerful vessel, and her large rig was very handy. She was one of the few vessels on which I have used a raised deck; however, on these shoal hulls it often becomes mandatory on lengths under 45. Her shoal draft precludes using a jib-headed rig, which would increase the heeling moment without gaining anything in speed.

EHECATAL is a very simple V-bottom hull to construct. She was designed and built in wood, although at least one of them has been constructed in aluminum alloy. She was very, very fast, and was based on a larger vessel built of steel, named APOSTLE, on which my wife, daughter and I lived aboard and cruised for three years. While aboard APOSTLE, we rode out a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico with the centerboard up and under bare poles for many hours. She was more comfortable than other small vessels on which I have been at sea in a hurricane. Her draft was 22 with the board up. Full headroom is impossible in this type of vessel below 45. 


RADIAN was designed as a centerboarder because, at low water, 23 was all that could be taken over the bar. On the mold loft floor and after making a couple of patterns, it was decided it would be better to wait for the tide and to eliminate the centerboard. She then had a keel added. I designed this boat for Ray Kauffman, who circumnavigated in the 1930s in a ketch named HURRICANE.  RADIAN was built at my yard in Virginia. 


HATTIE BELLE IV was the smallest of this family, and was an excellent sea boat. She had a cross-planked bottom with plywood topsides and deck. After a couple of years, her centerboard was removed and a shoal keel added which increased her draft to 28. A number of others were built to this design with the shoal keel. One crossed from California to Hawaii, thence to the Panama Canal and up to Florida. 

The majority of this family has been built in the V-bottom hull configuration.