1.      Stock designs are those that were originally developed to suit the needs of several clients at a given moment. 

2.      After the original vessel was built, the demand for sister hulls was numerous enough to be offered as stock plans. 

3.      Several are for vessels that I designed and built for my own use. 

4.      Some were developed from a custom design by modifying them to be less restrictive through eliminating custom hardware and castings and substituting standard “over the counter” equivalents.

5.      Sometimes the structure was altered to facilitate construction in smaller yards that lacked the facilities and equipment of the original building yards. 

6.   Not all design sizes are available as stock plans, and absolutely none that are more than 20M over the rails.

The lines and offsets were never changed. In sailing vessels there are often several sail plans included which have proven successful on that particular design. The original interior arrangement plan is included, and if my office developed others, these are also included. Arrangement Plans are for guidance and need not be slavishly followed as most owners have their own ideas as to what they want. Anything is permissible as long as no major weights are involved such as the relocation of the engine and tanks. The construction plans contain sufficient detail to construct the vessel. Sail plans have enough detail to construct them, but it is seldom that each and every piece is detailed as local tradition often determines what they will look like. The exception is in the larger vessels fitted with hollow wooden spars when every fitting is vital to the strength of the spar. Construction sections and details may be on the construction plan or a separate plan. It is not the number of sheets of drawings that comprise a set of plans but what is on them. Of the hundreds of owner/builders who have used my stock plans, it is rare that they seek any additional information or clarification.


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