Study plans for stock designs consist of the Sail Plan(s) and Interior Arrangement Plan(s) on sailing vessels; and Outboard Profile and Horsepower Curve and Interior Arrangement Plan(s) on motor vessels. These plans are part of the complete set of plans and are to scale so that they can be measured directly. Older plans are in Imperial scales and the newer ones are in metric scale. All stock plans when sold have updated scantling sizes that reflect what is available today. Study plans today are $60 US. Due to the significant increases in postage as of January 2013 and the numerous other government rules and regulations that have been imposed and enacted it is impossible for my office to continue to absorb the extra costs involved in mailing so to the price quoted please add the following amount in $US. (Plans are sent Priority Mail.)

Domestic mail:   $7.00
Canada:   $23.00
All other countries:   $27.00

Plans are available from my office: 

Thomas E. Colvin
2140 Gardner Road
Alva, Florida 33920--3812
Telephone: 239-728-2196  FAX:  239-728-6326 

Payment can be by personal check drawn on a US bank, cashier’s check, postal money order or Western Union. 
I do not accept credit cards.